Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I am almost finished reading The Boy who met Jesus - Segatashya of Kibeho by Immaculee Ilibagiza.  Honestly there are some parts that scare me in the book when Jesus speaks of the end of days.  I know Segatashya's apparitions have not been "approved" by the church and even if they would be I know I am not "required" to believe, but I do believe this young man - too many circumstances for it to not be true, there is no way this boy could have made this stuff up, just no way. 

2) I finally am catching up with the rest of the techy world.  My husband bought me an iphone 4s - I have not tried Siri yet - I read a review that she thinks everything is related to restaurants - we will see.  Technology is not my strong suit.

3) My baby could probably win the naughtiest baby contest at church - It was down right embarrasing last Sunday - I cannot even describe it. 

4)  Speaking of naughty baby - she managed to do this!

Seriously this cantaloupe was on mock speed ripening steroids because it was not ripe when I bought it 2 days prior.  Seriously.  And I failed to snap a picture of unwrapped foil wrappers from her moving a chair to get to the chocolate on top of a hutch.  I was thankful she has learned to unwrap the foil.  But I am down right tired of her moving chairs!!  How am I supposed to hide all my chairs?!

5) Continuing with the baby theme.  This video cracks me up!  I know it is old news, but I just saw it on my new phone and all, and I have waisted much time watching it too many times!

6) We "had" to buy a new dryer this week as ours went out.  There are so many pretty washer and dryers on the market.  I almost wanted to buy for "looks" - you know the sleek and modern looking ones and not the one that was shoved over to the side of the show room floor that looked like it was made (style wise) 25 years ago.  Almost.  I did not.  And I could not be happier!!  I wanted to post a picture, but only our Speed Queen dryer came, we are still waiting on the washer.  Speed Queen.  Such a funny name.  Old School to the max.  But, these babies are American made and in just about every laudromat around.  Comes with a 3 year warranty.  Stainless steel inside.  No computer.  Washer uses lots of water.  Oh, I know that is so not enviromental of me, but I have kids.  They get dirty.  I need water to clean our clothes! (note- our water where we live is "free"! -it is well water but "free")

7) I am out of stuff...  Unless anyone reads this can tell me how to put the "safety" feature on my youtube app on my new iphone?  I do not see anywhere when I scroll down to the bottom to do that like there is on the full screen "computer" version.

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Tami said...

I have the same phone but I never use the YouTube. I can ask my teenage boys. They may know.