Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Boxes - R2Q2 & Paper Roses

We finished our Valentine boxes.  
I think they turned out
pretty -  darn - cute!
Maybe the cutest ones on the block,
if there was a contest or something. 

Here is Evan's R2Q2 (from Star Wars)
All things Star Wars for that boy.
It is not perfect nor "accurate".
We my husband bought the wrong kind of paint!
We made it from a plastic trash can.
The lid opening/rotating is just too much fun to drop
Valentines in! 

He is a keeper though!
We plan to use him next year.
Evan wants to add the legs for next year too!

Then we have a some roses.
Lydia and I spent all afternoon making these puppies.
They are time consuming,
but we were determined.

We glued them on her valentine mailbox.

Lydia is 5 1/2.
She did pretty well making these crepe paper streamer roses.
I origianlly saw them here - which I want to do for Lydia's room!
(I also made a tree form for Valentines day, to put on our mantel
but ran out of red crepe to finish it!!! ugh...)

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Tami said...

you have very talented children!! Nice ideas for valentines day.