Thursday, February 2, 2012

Someone's Story I Do Not Want To Forget

I was listening to Catholic radio - a rerun of Mother Angelica show.  Sometimes she is slow to listen to and I almost flipped the station, but I am glad I did not.  This is just a wee simple story, but powerful to me.

So Mother Angelica is telling us there was a man, who fell off a roof, on his head. The man was in the hospital hooked up to every machine you could think of. The doctors said the man is "gone", there is nothing that could ever be done to help him. (Basically Mother Angelica's point was that the doctors were ready to "pull the plug".)

Mother A asks if she can go in the man's room.  The doctors/nurses, say he is really "gone".  Mother asks again and the doctor said yes.  She went in the man's room.  She whispered prayers in his ear and said a prayer for the dying.  She continued to whisper in the man's ear telling him to tell Jesus he is sorry for all his sins of his whole life and to ask Jesus for mercy for all his sins.  The man opened one eye and had the biggest tear Mother A had ever seen roll down his cheek.  Then the man died - on his own - in God's timing - no plugs pulled. 

I don't want to forget that story - I did not tell it as well as Mother Angelica told it - but none the less it is told for me to remember...

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Tami said...

It's a beautiful story. I'm glad the man died in peace.