Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture Valentine Cards

In the past I have helped the kids
write their name and their friends name on the
teeny tiniest cards that you buy for the kids school exchanges.
(Could they make those cards any smaller?) 
Well, this year I decided to skip those
teeny tiny cards!
Tried my skills in Photoshop Elements.
I am not good.
In fact, I am down right pathetic.
I am just hoping none of the other childrens parents are
graphic designers...eek!

(We will glue a treat on it - if we don't eat them all)

Lydia's ~
It is hard to see without a border.
I would have put a border around it,
but I got tired of messing with it... 

2 down - 1 more to go (for the preschooler!)
We have got one valentine box finished.
Still need to make a R2Q2 Valentine box.

Little update:
Here is our Cy Guys!


Tami said...

Katie this is a very cute idea to do for valentines day. Did you end up using a lot of printer ink? Especially with the black background? Your kids are ADORABLE!

Katie said...

Thanks Tami! I am just going to have them printed at Walgreens on regular photo paper. Yes, that would cost us a fortune with our printer! They are just going to get tossed, so I cannot justify printing them on "special" card stock paper. But I had (some) fun practicing in PS!