Friday, March 27, 2009

Montana Plane Crash

A friend just sent me this link on this article. It really gave me the Chills.

One thing that breaks my heart is when the author stated how the very wealthy Pam Feldkamp (wife of extremely wealthy owner of for profit abortion clinics) would laugh at the fetal development signs held infront of the clinics. How cold hearted is that? Besides the fact that babies are being torn apart limb by limb and decapited. The instruments used - just horrific.

Anyway, the author writes the article very well and is not an "I told you so" kind of person.

I thought I would just keep this blog "light", but I see I do get a comment here and there so I thought I would put something up with more of a "purpose" - as some would say many blogs do not have a purpose - but I do not think so. It can be a "creative" outlet for each individual blogger. Perhaps there may not be much "interest" from others (which is fine) it more for the blogger's fun. We all can be a bit narcissistic - hello - facebook!

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