Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Secret

Evan -What kind of room did you have when you were little, daddy?

Dad - A regular one

Evan - Oh, well what kind of underwear did you have?

Yes, this was a real concern for our Evan. Apparently every child is to have some sort of character room or underwear! He just has the underwear. His room is what I would call "vintage" cowboy. I picked that as he was too little to care at the time - he is still ok with it - I do not think I can handle "character" rooms. Shoes, clothes, underwear - that is good enough!

And yes, this kiddo loves to run around in his underwear!! This was just a regular snapshot I had from a few months ago - with a little fun in photoshop!

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t.t. millers said...

My boys all wear boxers ~ just like DAD!