Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter Activities

I just liked this picture....such a silly face!

March is my least favorite month of the year...it is long and we have beened teased with some nice weather, yet still mainly cold. Hence winter "activities"...
Banana bread.....this is the BEST banana bread recipe I have had in awhile! At least the kids and I have been quite enjoying it! I know, I know people get tired of banana bread....but this is a "white" version with buttermilk (I had to subsitute my buttermilk with make your own with vineager, even though she says not too - I did, and my mini loafs turned out awesome!!) Anyway the recipe is from http://www.mykitchencafe.blogspot.com/search?q=buttermilk+banana+bread
She has fabulous recipes!

On a bit different note - I am done baking with children for awhile... way too many hands everywhere!
Oh, the craft projects we do around here!! Evan is into "recycling" anything. So sock puppets from daddy's old socks. We had a good time. Then he put on a "show" for me!


t.t. millers said...

I love the pictures you have taken of your children! You captured them perfectly! ~Tami

Rachel said...

what a good mommy you are doing crafts with them! That's great!! I don't blame you on the cooking/baking. I've done that many of times and it ends up with tears and frustration for me. I often think maybe if I had a glass of wine and shots of whatever, at the ready, i could handle it better.