Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mall of America

We took a short trip to Mall of America. I had not been there in years. There is no doubt it has quite the selection. I did not get to shop - a bit of torture for me to be so close to all those stores and not go in! But we were on limited time... Now that I think about it perhaps it would have been more torture to shop with the whole fam!
I did not get much for pics. I took along my point and shoot vs. dragging my "real camera". Which I am still completely struggling with at times!! I have a new found respect for "real photographers"! They really have a talent and more knowledge than I will ever figure out!

Legoland @ Mall of America

Pool time

This babe loved the pool!
His first time - could not get enough!
The mall was enough crowd for me for awhile -- the older I get the more I cannot take crowds. Just a side note as I am so out of the loop on what is hip and what is not. I saw more piercings in MSP than I have seen in sometime -- mainly nose and above the lip area. I love how, in general, people want to be sooo different from one another yet we all conform to do what is "cool". ie - If I see one more Coach purse I think I will throw up! Well, not literally...and my appologies for sounding so rude if you have one. But really for awhile there I thought it was a requirement to have one before entering the mall!

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Sheryl said...

I love your pictures. Glad you had a great time.