Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Far From Perfection

In the blog world you can make your life look perfect...but it is not! Yes, Saddly,this is what our toy room often looks like...they can destroy it in one moment...I know I am supposed to enjoy this time as they are not little for long and I do -- but THIS is no fun!!!

And Lydia brought this present out to the living room. Along with blankets I think I could fold 1,000 times a day for them to be unfolded 1,000 times! She literally had a paper sack and loaded and unloaded.
So I have a plan for spring cleaning -- more toys will be making a new home in the basement.

Speaking of Spring - we have been enjoying some great weather here in the heartland...Nebraska!

But what happens when you place a baby in the grass?

Can I balance so my legs don't touch it?

Well, maybe just one leg!


Sheryl said...

I love these pictures. It makes me miss my girls when they were little.

And you're right the weather we have had her in Nebraska as been wonderful.

Cassie said...

Oh that baby is so cute! They're all sweet as can be there on your sidebar. Belive me, my house perpetually looks like this. I clean and they mess up - it's an endless cycle! I think that's why God made 'em as cute as He did! :-)